CO2-reporting with CEMASys

If you want to reduce your company’s environmental impact, it is important first to create an overview of the company’s current environmental and climate impacts.

The amount of data to be used as a basis for getting an overview of the company´s environmental impact can be extensive.

We have good experience with the online system CEMASys, which we are now working with. The benefits of CEMASys are:

  • Intuitive and easy system to work with
  • Flexible so that it can be customised to the company’s activities
  • All data entered is converted into CO2e emissions using recognised emission factors
  • Goals (KPIs) can be set up and followed
  • Reports can be easily generated and used for UN Global Compact COP reporting
  • The system’s structure and reporting uses the GHG Protocol
  • Contains a tool for developing long-term goals in line with the 1.5o C and 2o C goals in the Paris Agreement.

CEMASys can help with more
CEMASys also consists of several other modules, such as a module for collecting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data and a Supply Chain module that can be used for assessment and approval of suppliers.

We are happy to give a demonstration of how CEMASys can work in your company. Contact us to hear more.